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I don’t perform, but I pretty much do do whatever else it takes to make a project happen.


Pippa is currently Director (Producing) at Fierce, moving from Executive Director and Festival Director during her time working at Fierce since 2017. She is an award-winning arts producer, with a history of long-term partnerships with independent artists and partners, delivering a range of one-off projects, strategic work, productions and tours.


She’s particularly passionate about presenting marginalised voices, contemporary work, and working outside formal arts contexts. Her practice is care centred, shot through with an unapologetic political edge. 

She is currently a member of Area Council (Midlands) and the Disability Advisory Group for Arts Council England and a Trustee at Geese Theatre. She has been based in Birmingham for over 15 years, and first worked for Fierce in 2007 on a fixed term contract under founder Mark Ball.

During 2012 – 2014 Thomas Wildish and I underwent a period of research, investing the potential of our working relationship and the world of Independent Producing. This was an Arts Council England funded period of activity and as part of it we produced a report, which is attached here, in case it’s of interest or use.


In November 2014 she won the Peter Brook / Mark Marvin Rent Subsidy Award for my work with Birmingham REP Door, and specifically for Unknown Male.


'Moreover I was thrilled to see Pippa Frith Productions at Birmingham Rep Door win the Mark Marvin independent producer making vital work with artists such as Francesca Millican-Slater and Babakas'.  Honour Bayes, The Stage


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