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The Pool Game

Geiger Counter Theatre

I joined the team as Tour Producer in the late stages of the project. The Pool Game was developed and produced by Geiger Counter Theatre, written by Liz Tomlin and directed by Di Sherlock. It was supported by Arts Council England, Point Blank and Barnsley Civic.



You don’t know what it is that you’re charged with, so how can you claim to know that you’re innocent?’


Condemned to an absurd trial played out on a pool table, Josef K must play the game of his life. Inspired by Kafka’s The Trial, The Pool Game questions the notion of justice in a world where the rules are manipulated to make sure the winner always stays on. Darkly comic and unashamedly political The Pool Game playfully invites the audience to participate – as a jury whose ultimate verdict may change everything or nothing at all.


‘Step up to the table… step up to the game…’


Tour Dates

Summer 2012

Buckley Lecture Theatre, University of Huddersfield | Sheffield Cathedral | Senate House, University of London | Holbeck Underground Ballroom (HUB), Leeds | Barnsley Civic

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