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Next Door

Out of Balanz



Next Door is the award winning show from international company Out of Balanz. They performed the show during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 at the Underbelly. I worked with the company as UK ground producer.




When Ivan Hansen’s neighbor passes away, Ivan suddenly realizes that he doesn’t know anything about him. As Ivan puzzles over how strange it is that you can live next to someone, for years, and not know them at all, he begins to wonder what it is that connects us. ..


A blend of personal memories, shared stories and melodies to remember, Next Door is a low-fi, physical storytelling that celebrates imagination, connection and the importance of relationships.


'Imaginative and groundbreaking theatre… an unforgettable journey into the human psyche…' The Copenhagen Post


★★★★ 'The incredible warmth of the performance makes it a joy to watch.' Three Weeks


★★★★ 'Out of Balanz really has excelled itself with this excellent production making Next Door a must see for all Fringe Theatregoers looking for a feel-good evening show.' British Theatre Guide


Winner 1st Prize and Audience Prize BE Festival 2013


Must See Show | The Stage


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