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I don’t perform, but I pretty much do do whatever else it takes to make a project happen.


I am currently Director (Producing) at Fierce, where I have produced 3 international festivals, and 2 major projects for Birmingham Festival 2022, as well as a year round programme of activity. 


Before that I have a long track record as an Independent Producer, working with artists to create art that aims to surprise and delight audiences nationally and internationally. I have also worked extensively as a visiting lecturer, as well as managing strategic projects for sector partners. 


I tended to work mainly in theatre, although sometimes that spilt over into circus, spoken word, podcasting, graphic novels and more. I am interested in intersectional practice and championing voices who are not heard as often as they should be. 


I worked with some artists on an on-going basis, others on a project basis. Every working relationship is different, and the role I play within the creative story changes. Sometimes would I fundraise, sometimes project manage, sometimes I made strategic plans, sometimes I’m was the rehearsal room playing at being Director, sometimes I’d operate tech equipment (normally badly).


In the past I often worked with the very brilliant Thomas Wildish. He used to be Independent Producer, but joined the Arts Council England in autumn 2017.

During 2012 – 2014 Thomas and I underwent a period of research, investigating the potential of our working relationship and the world of Independent Producing. This was an Arts Council England funded period of activity and as part of it we produced a report, which I’ve attached here, in case it’s of interest of use.


In November 2014 I won the Peter Brook / Mark Marvin Rent Subsidy Award for my work with Birmingham REP Door, and specifically for Unknown Male.


'Moreover I was thrilled to see Pippa Frith Productions at Birmingham Rep Door win the Mark Marvin independent producer making vital work with artists such as Francesca Millican-Slater and Babakas'.  Honour Bayes, The Stage


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