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Geese Theatre 

In 2017 Pippa joined the board of Geese Theatre. 

Geese Theatre Company is a team of theatre practitioners who present interactive theatre and facilitate drama-based groupwork, staff training and consultation for the probation service, prisons, young offender institutions, youth offending teams, secure hospitals and related agencies throughout the UK and abroad.

Geese work internationally with:

  • people in prison, on probation, or in mental health settings

  • young people who are seen to be at risk of offending and who have offended

  • professionals who work with these client groups

Geese provide a continually developing portfolio which includes:

  • issue based performances

  • groupwork inputs into a range of probation, prison, secure hospital and youth offending programmes

  • workshops and residencies

  • staff training events

  • performances for criminal justice and social welfare conferences

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