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Contracted by the Holding Space Consortium to Produce Soul City Arts newly commissioned ‘If Walls Could Speak’, we worked intensively to premiere the piece during Theatre Fever in 2013.




A story told through the eyes of an artist driven to the redefinition of home through injustice.

World renowned graffiti artist Mohammed Ali paints the story around you as the tale of inner city ward Sparkbrook, unfolds through decades of being a gateway into Birmingham for generations of new migrants and communities.


Underpinned by a live musical score, performed by jazz legend Cleveland Watkiss, Stories of a place we called home unravel through spoken word, rap, poetry, rhymes and rhythms.


Directed by visionary Director Leo Kay, If Walls Could Speak is an international story about place, home and the way we all respond to change.


It is a tribute to a place we once called home.



If Walls Could Speak

Soul City Arts


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