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Giants on the Hill (in development)

Giants on the Hill is the latest work from collective Centric. It has been commissioned by Wolverhampton Arena Theatre, supported by Live & Local, Arts Council England and The Sir Barry Jackson Trust. 




Giants on the Hill is set against the backdrop of the debate about wind turbines and the urgent need to find sustainable energy sources. Three actor musicians will tell the story of a fictional rural community and the conflicts caused by the proposed siting of a windfarm in its vicinity. 


Are they a valuable and sustainable way to shift how we provide our energy? Or are they a financial liability and blight on our landscapes?




In autumn 2015 Centric went through a period of Research and Development. The team met wih communities who have had direct experience of wind turbines in their area (meeting communities who have fought against them and won, and communities where plans for turbines have gone ahead). The work then toured in 2016. 


Giants on the Hill was underpinned by a specially designed sound scape and was built specifically for rural touring venues and networks. 

Images © Graeme Braidwood




29th September, 7.30pm | Arena Theatre  | Tickets and info

14th October, 7.30pm | Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek | More info

15th October, 8pm | Brailsford & Ednaston Village Institute | More info

23rd November, 7.30pm | Pentabnus | Tickets and info

24th November, 7.30pm | Bishops Wood Centre, Crossway Green | More info

26th November, 7.30pm | Long Whatton Community Centre | More info

27th November, 7.30pm | Queniborough Village Hall | More info

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