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Tappin In

Tappin' In (pilot process) was developed in partnership with Midland Heart, and  supported by The Belgrade Theatre, Arts Council England, Coventry 2021, Roch Valley Dancewear and Asda, conceived and led by artist Stephanie Ridings.

The project fundamentally looked to tackle isolation and loneliness by bringing people together to take part in a large-scale celebratory project. 


Tappin' In pilot stages worked with Midland Heart housing and 10 participants who are tenants. For 10 weeks the group met and learnt how to tap dance as well as sharing stories and generally having a nice time. All of which featured at a sharing for invited audiences at The Belgradge Theatre. 

The project went onto be commissioned by Birmingham Festival 2022, and Pippa was delighted to see Stephanie Ridings and her team bring the project to full fruition. 

During the pilot, BBC Midlands Today popped into our sessions, check out the video on the left. 

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