On Grief

*Disclaimer: This, my work website is possibly not the right home for this piece of writing. It's an intensely personal piece of writing. But I felt compelled to write it, and compelled to put it somewhere. And I've never been good at boundaries really. My work and personal lives melt into one another constantly. So I'm putting it here. Because when you're your own boss that's one of the perks. It's up to me. And also, I've sort of not got anywhere else to put it. -- On Grief: Today I woke and my eyes were wet. It is not your birthday. It is not the anniversary of your death. There is nothing particular about today. Not that my conscious memory can remember anyway. But today my whole body is

Looking for actors (The Dancing Club)

Actors for touring show February / March 2018 Actors who can dance to play multiple roles for ‘The Dancing Club’, a touring show in March 2018 and rehearsals in February 2018. To play a range of roles developed from interviews about a dancing club. To play male and female characters aged 40 – 90 and dance across genres (ballroom, rock and roll, northern soul, disco and hip hop). A dance workshop will be led by Steve Elias, choreographer, week commencing 11th December in Birmingham and meetings with writer / director Caroline Jester. To apply, please send CV and headshot to project producer Pippa frith: pippafrith@gmail.com Rehearsals will be in Kidderminster in February 2018 with a maximum o

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